Industrial Corporation Case

1. Provided one-stop energy monitoring platform, saving abnormal maintenance costs of nearly 1 million RMB/year
2. Provided distribution system detection + PV system inspection, saving labor costs of nearly 300,000 RMB/year
3. Provided energy demand management, saving basic electricity costs over 5 million RMB/year
4. Optimized the operation of the air conditioning system, reducing energy consumption and operation & maintenance costs by 2.7 million RMB/year
5. Provided predictive maintenance reducing maintenance costs by 10%/year


Commercial Building Case

a landmark commercial center in Guangzhou

1. Cut down 35% labor costs, worth 4.12 million RMB
2. Cut down 15% energy consumption for HVAC, worth 2.5 million RMB
3. Optimized cold load purchase contract, estimated to save about 140 million RMB for 20 years
4. Provided value-added services for carbon emission management, expected to increase revenue for users by 4000+ million RMB/year


Industrial Park Case

a high-tech industrial park

1. Installed 7 sets of hotspot cogeneration system with a capacity of 4.4MW to meet the demand for electricity
2. Enabled gas boiler power generation at power consumption peaks, reduced peak load of the grid
3. Met energy demand through coordinating heating, cooling and electricity cogeneration
4. Installed 35MW photovoltaic panels with 34.5MW of power to reduce costs
5. Used microgrid to optimize power supply configuration to ensure safe and stable operation

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